Man Hides Under A Car During Orlando Nightclub Shooting. Then He Feels Something Near Him…


Joshua McGill was there the day of the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting. He and his friends heard the shots at around 2 AM and ran for their lives. As they jumped the fence into the parking lot, he saw a wounded man, Rodney Sumter, limping around out in the open. Acting on instinct, he sprung into action.

As he got nearer, he saw the extent of Sumter’s injuries. “That’s when I noticed he had been shot once in each arm,” he said. “I took my shirt off, tied it around his first initial gunshot wound on his left arm. I took his shirt off, tied it around his other arm where the other gunshot wound was.” While herding him to the nearest police officer, McGill noticed a third gunshot wound in Sumter’s back. There were no ambulances at the moment, so police officers instructed McGill to improvise by laying down in a patrol car with Sumter on top of him to stem the bleeding.

McGill held this complete stranger, keeping him awake, trying to keep him hopeful while blood flowed onto him. When the ambulances did arrive, Sumter was rushed to the hospital where he was scheduled for surgery.

McGill posted about his experience on his Facebook page. The original post reads:


It has since garnered thousands of likes, shares, and an outpouring of new fans for the young man. Another post informed his new audience that he managed to find Sumter and that he is in stable condition.


McGill risked his life to help someone in need, and without his assistance, Sumter might never have gotten to see his two children again. Human compassion pulled through. The Orlando community is still reeling, but it is banding together to make sense of the chaos. In these dark times, seeing McGill’s concern for Sumter is a beacon of light. Though they were brought together by tragedy, they are surely bonded for the better.


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