Man Plants A Hidden Camera In Walmart. What Employee Does Has Him Racing Inside

Jack Vale, a television and YouTube personality known best for his hidden-camera pranks, took a hiatus from the business of pranking to film a video titled “Rewarding Good Customer Service!” As the title suggests, the video follows Vale as he rewards certain employees for delivering exceptional customer service. Vale explains in the introduction to the video that despite a previous segment of his, titled “Exposing Bad Customer Service,” not all customer service employees are bad at their job.
To prove that good customer service still exists in the world, Vale set up hidden cameras inside a local Wal-Mart and a fast food restaurant to record employees’ responses to his over-the-phone inquiries. The footage begins with Vale asking a Wal-Mart employee working in the electronics section of the store if they have a particular digital camera and wireless router in stock. Hidden cameras placed inside the store show the employee searching for the specific products and even looking behind other merchandise to locate the correct brand.
Vale rewards the employees featured in the video with a $100 bill for their notable customer service. This video was uploaded to Vale’s YouTube channel Jack Vale Films in April 2015 and has amassed nearly 2 million views since. However, a number of comments published on the video’s YouTube page express concern over the cash reward that was given to the Wal-Mart employee. Many of the users call attention to the fact that Wal-Mart employees are not allowed to accept tips of any kind while on the clock. 
A BabyCenter thread titled “Tipping at Walmart?” is one of many online threads and forums that discuss the retail giant’s policy. Some individuals have even taken to Twitter to voice their surprise over the rule.  

It’s unclear whether the Wal-Mart employee in the video faced any consequences for accepting the money since Vale uploaded the clip to his channel. Regardless of whatever stringent policies the corporation has set in place, Wal-Mart jobs remain a thriving aspect of its business profile. According to CNN Money, the corporation employs approximately 1.2 million Americans, with Wal-Mart careers expanding nationwide.  

Despite the concern over Vale’s cash tip to the Wal-Mart employee, his video has remained a success. In fact, Vale has seen so much success over the YouTube videos that he was given the opportunity to star in his very own television show. According to Vale’s website, the show “Jack Vale Offline” is gearing up for its second season onHLN, which describes the show as a reality series that follows the Vale family as they live out adventures and pranks in their newfound home of Las Vegas. 


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