Man Rushes to Woman’s Side After Awful Accident. What He Sees Has Him Ripping Off the Sideview Mirror.

Eighteen years ago, Alison Craven narrowly escaped death when her car collided into the side of a milk truck.

The Mirror reports the then-34-year-old was saved by a Good Samaritan who rushed to her rescue, trying to keep her awake before medics arrived.

Garry Birley recalls holding the badly injured woman, doing what “anyone else would have done.”

“I got into the car, kept talking to her and reassuring her everything would be okay.”

That’s when he noticed how badly her face was injured and ripped off the sideview mirror so she wouldn’t see the extent of her injuries.

Craven was hospitalized for days, even requiring hours of emergency plastic surgery to rebuild her face.

After nearly two decades, Craven took to social media and her local newspaperto try to reunite with her rescuer.

Her November 12 Facebook post reads, in part:

“I know this is a long shot, but 18 years ago today I was involved in an accident with a milk tanker. When I came around in the car, I remember a man talking to me. He was amazing and kept me going until help arrived. I’ve always wanted to know who he was and to thank him for what he did on that awful morning. I have no idea of his age or anything, as I just remember his voice.”

Birley apparently still lives close to the scene of the crash and often wondered what happened to Craven.

He contacted her after seeing the new story in the Examiner. She says she immediately knew it was her rescuer by the sound of his voice.

“I had tried to get details through the hospital, but she had been moved on to Bradford for surgery and I never found out.”


Thanks to one man’s quick thinking, a woman who easily could have died 18 years ago, now has a husband and three children.

Both Craven and Birley say it was “lovely” to finally meet one another.


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