Man shot with flaming arrow as America’s Got Talent stunt goes wrong

America’s Got Talent always has some act or another that leaves the audience in complete surprise, but never before have they been as shocked as they were after Amber and Ryan Stock took the stage – but for all the wrong reasons.Usually when a performer takes the stage there’s safety precautions in place, and the show has been on long enough that people generally ensure their own safety and that of the audience members at all times enough that we’ve never had to worry about it. Naturally there’ve been many close calls, but there’s never been a situation like this on the show before – or on live television for that matter! Married couple Amber and Ryan were taking the spotlight to perform a death defying feat, one which requires months to years of practice in order to perfect and is never going to be completely safe. Well, unfortunately something actually did go wrong and it happened while they were filming in front of a live audience and broadcasting to millions of screens at the same time!

Who would have thought we’d be able to say we got to see a man get shot in the throat with a flaming arrow, without it being CGI?


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