Man Went To His Baby Mama’s Job And Shot Her In The Head Because Child Support Was Taking His Entire Pay Check

21 year old Marcus Gafney is no genius, but he is a cold blooded killer who murdered his former girlfriend because she was receiving child support that was garnished from his paychecks at the fast food franchise McDonalds. 33 year old Tamika Jones was shot while she was at work in Sacramento, California, and police allege that Gafney drove all the way from Texas to California just to kill her. The videotaped confession that the angry baby daddy made to police confirms this fact as well. Gafney complained to police that he was only making $8.50 an hour at his job, and the 3 deductions for child support was taking half of his paycheck each pay period. During the confession that was videotaped Marcus calmly describes to police how he went into the office where Jones worked and shot her in the head, then went to the local courthouse to turn himself in for the crime. During the trial Marcus Gafney defended his actions to jurors by saying that it was justified because Tamika was doing her best to bankrupt him.


Jones stated to the court that “I was just tryna eat you feel me? But that bitch got me paying basically my whole check while she at the club. I couldn’t keep eating where I worked for the next umpteen years, she had to go!” The jury convicted Gafney of 1st degree murder, as well as the three special circumstances of using a firearm, lying in weight, and murder forfinancial gain. When Judge Bruce Lane sentenced Gafney the judge commented “It is incomprehensible to the court how a decision to kill can be motivated by court-ordered child support.”

After being sentenced Gafney was very adamant about his intent to appeal the conviction, and the convicted murderer released a statement that read “That b#tch was 10 years older than me. I was seduced by her head game. I thought N***** in the hood was lying when they said she could suck a gold ball through a straw, but I was so wrong, her head was fire. I don’t want nobody else to go through this,

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