Man Who Beheaded Mother’s Cat Sentenced To Four Year



A man who claims he beheaded his mother’s cat because it was “evil” has been sentenced to more than four years behind bars.

USA Today reports that 25-year-old Rudy Espinoza was found back in June covered in blood, bite marks and scratches after neighbors called 911. Lt. Chris Baldridge said that when deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Espinoza was in his boxers.

When police searched inside the home, specifically in Espinoza’s bedroom, they say they uncovered the drug Ecstasy. They also found the cat’s body and head. In addition to the decapitation, the Statesman Journal says the animal’s tail was broken.

The report says Espinoza pleaded guilty to animal abuse and drug charges. Espinoza said the motive for the attack at the time was because the cat was “evil and nosy.”