Manager Fires Teen After Asking Why She Didn’t Make As Much As Her Male Coworker

It’s no secret that there is a huge gap in wages between men and women, and even more so with people of color. All of the statistics prove that this is the case, as the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) reports that there was a 21-percent wage gap between full-time male and female workers in 2014 alone.

This is unfortunately still something that is in full effect today, and this teenage girl was at the other end of the wage gap, proving that it is still something that affects workers today.

Seventeen-year-old Jensen Walcott got hired at a local pizza shop in Kansas City, where she was hired on for $8 an hour in pay.

Content with her part time job, Jensen began talking to her male co worker Reed, who had been hired for the exact same position, about the job when he revealed that he was hired on at $8.25 per hour.

Jensen immediately called her boss to inquire why this was the case, when both her and Reed had the same experience and were the same age.


The shop, called Pizza Studio, responded to the call in a very illegal and unprofessional way. Instead of explaining their reasoning or giving Jensen the raise she deserved, the manager of the store fired both Jensen AND Reed for discussing their wages with one another, a move that the manager is trying to claim was against company policy.


Legal experts are saying that this action is completely illegal, and that if she wants to pursue it, Jensen does have the means to take Pizza Studio officials to court.


Hopefully, something positive comes of this entire situation, and we as a society can come one step closer to closing the gender wage gap because of people like Jensen coming forward.


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