Mom & Dad Suddenly Feel Fire ON Their Necks. Then They Let Their Baby Go…


In a split-second decision, a couple in Denver were forced to throw their baby daughter out of a window after somebody set fire to their apartment complex.

As KDVR reports, Alyssa Meara and Chris Pena immediately sprang into action when black smoke began filling their apartment on Easter Sunday.

“Get out or you’re going to die.  Every second got worse. I kept telling her, ‘We need to go. We need to go,’” Pena said.

With their 7-month-old daughter, Avaleigh, to think about, the couple had no choice but to jump from their third-story apartment.

“She was holding the baby out the window … because the smoke was just blanketing our neck. It was hot. We just felt it behind us,” Pena said.

“Like the hardest thing ever. I had to let her go,” Meara said.

While Pena and Avaleigh made it out of the fire unharmed, Meara ended up fracturing a vertebrae during the jump.

The family will be staying in a motel until they can find a new apartment, but they’re just happy to be alive after this terrifying ordeal.

“We thank God every day that we are still here and that our baby is still here and she’s OK. God was watching over us,” Meara said.

Meanwhile, a man named Kenneth Shepard is now facing 13 counts of arson.


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