Mom Expects A Normal Baby Boy. But When Doctors Noticed THIS? A Miracle…

For many years, Manuel and Tiffany tried hard to conceive a baby of their own.
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So you can imagine their heartbreak when they finally got pregnant, but they ran in to some major complications.

At first doctors were convinced that their baby boy called Sam, had a tumor in his brain – but instead, he was born with of the most extraordinary and unusual conditions doctors have ever seen!


As a result, Tiffany had to be induced early, and surgeons from Colorado Springs Memorial Central Hospital immediately began to operate on Sam’s tumor.

When they finally got to the bottom of what the problem actually was, they were shocked to discover a fully formed foot popping out of the tumor on the side of Sam’s head!

Just when Dr. Paul Grabb had thought he had seen it all, he came across this medical marvel.

It was a once-in-a-lifetimes finding for his operating room. The tumor was an extremely rare case, that can form appendages and complete body parts.

He successfully removed the tumor, which was found to be benign.

Sam really is a miracle baby!

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