Mom Finds Something DEADLY Floating In Daughter’s Soda At Wendy’s

A New Hampshire mom found a used razorblade inside her daughter’s soda cup while eating at their local Wendy’s. Keep reading for the full story!

A New Hampshire mom is demanding that Wendy’s take responsibility after she found a disgusting razorblade inside her daughter’s cup.

Aubrey Simonds, from Keene, spoke out on Facebook about the disturbing discovery she made while taking her kids out for a quick bite to eat at their local Wendy’s restaurant.

“I am beside myself, sick to my stomach,” Aubrey’s Facebook post began, according to AOL. “Shaky, disgusted and so THANKFUL my child didn’t get hurt from this …”1

According to Aubrey’s post, her daughter Taylor had already taken several sips of her soda by the time she noticed the dirty razorblade floating inside the cup.

“I was terrified she could have ingested drugs that the razor could have touched, but she didn’t have any different actions or side effects,” the angry mom wrote. “I took her to the walk in clinic and they said they couldn’t test for anything and to take her to the ER if I was concerned or just watch her closely bc the ER could terrorize her with tests so I didn’t take her. She’s asleep now and I’m so thankful she is ok. but this situation is 100% NOT ok!”2

Since Aubrey’s Facebook post went viral, the district manager at Wendy’s announced that an investigation into the mom’s claims has been launched.

John Rogers, Keene’s acting health director, believes that “it is likely the razor blade was used by an employee of a cleaning company Thursday night to clean the stoves, and then it was thrown away.”


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