Mom Has Been Suffering From Headaches For 9 Months. What Doctors Find In Her MRI? Unthinkable…

Sometimes a headache is just a headache.

But for this 31-year-old mom from Texas, a headache was a warning. And after nine months’ worth of headaches, she knew that there was something wrong.

Yadira Rostro’s doctors performed a CT scan on her brain. When it showed an abnormality, doctors initially thought that she had a brain tumor. Even her symptoms seemed to be similar to those of a brain tumor — her eye sight was diminishing, and she was nauseous and dizzy in addition to having severe headaches.

But they were wrong.

With a closer look, they discovered that Rostro did not have a brain tumor. The abnormality they saw meant the presence tapeworm eggs, which had been deposited at the base of the brain.

With surgery, doctors were able to remove eight tapeworm egg sacs. Now this mom considers herself lucky to be alive. Her doctor says that she probably picked up the parasite on a trip to Mexico two years prior to surgery, where she may have ingested contaminated food. This condition is called neurocysticercosis, and is apparently not common.

Now, her headaches are gone and her vision is better — which is of course fantastic news!

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