Mom Left A LOADED GUN In The Backseat Of Her Car With Her 4-Year-Old Son. What Happened Next? Truly TRAGIC!

No matter where you stand on the whole guns debate, there are some truly shocking stories out there. Jamie Gilt, a pro-gun Florida mom, found out the real dangers of guns the hard way. When she left her .45 semi-automatic handgun in the backseat of her car, she had no idea what horror lay ahead of her!

Just 24 hours earlier, Jamie had bragged on Facebook about her young son’s shooting ability. “Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to shoot with the .22” she commented in reply to another friend’s comment. The next day, in her car, her son would prove just how terrifying his shooting skills could REALLY be.

While she was driving, her son picked up her loaded gun…. aimed it… and fired it right into the back of the driver’s seat chair. The bullet passed straight through the seat and through Jamie’s body.


After being shot, Jamie signaled to the Sheriff (who was luckily passing by) for help. She is now in a ‘stable’ condition in hospital and apparently making a steady recovery.

It has been reported that Jamie believes in the right to carry firearms and shoot anyone who threatens her family. It would appear that she plans to instill the same mentality in her children. Online, she frequently posts about her right to own and USE a gun if necessary.

But, once she has recovered the ordeal will be FAR from over for Jamie. According to a spokesperson from the Putnam County Sheriff’s office, the police plan to question her once she is in a fit condition. Why? Well, there is a possibility that she will be charged with negligence, since she left her child alone with a firearm. Only time will tell whether the police will take this matter further. For now, all Jamie can do is focus on her recovery.



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