Mom Suddenly Stopped Talking While Driving, Son Notices Something Horrible

If Jacob Labut decides to ask his mom for his own car, he just might get whatever he wants.

Why? Because if it wasn’t for his quick thinking while his mother was driving, both of them would likely be dead. Jacob’s mother, Sandy, suffered a seizure while doing errands with her son in the front seat, according to a Jan. 18, 2016, report by WXYZ.
The mother and son had been having a normal conversation when Jacob noticed Sandy had not slowed to turn into their first destination, according to the news report. When he took a good look at her, he realized she was unconscious.
“My first instinct was to knock her hands off the wheel,” Jacob Labut of Roseville, Mich., told WXYZ. “I just chopped her hands off and grabbed the wheel from her.”
Unable to get his mother’s foot off the accelerator, Jacob, who has had his driver’s license less than a month, laid on the horn and eventually found a clear lane, where he turned the car off and let it lose momentum before finally hopping the curb and stopping, according to WXYZ.
But they weren’t safe yet because his mother needed medical attention. She woke up in the hospital, having not remembered a thing.
“If I was alone, I think, I don’t know if I would be around,” Sandy told WXYZ. “If it weren’t for him, you know, so I just look at him as my true hero.”


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