Mysterious Spirit Floating Above Fatal Motorcycle Crash Goes VIRAL

A truck driver was going about his day when on the other side of the road an accident occurred. The tires screeching, the cars honking and that metal to metal grinding was heard. It was a horrific, and deadly accident.
Saul Vazquez then pulled over to see if he could help. First responders were already showing up though. It didn’t look good though. A motorcycle was involved and that always means the chances of serious injury are increased. Saul snapped a photo of the scene and posted it to show others what he had witnessed.
“All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay!” he said on his status update. They were not okay, and the photo he took proved it. Right above one of the cops, is what appears to be the spirit of the motorcyclist leaving his body and rising upwards. Or maybe it’s just a strange light flicker. Then again, zooming in, it seriously looks like a figure hovering above the wreck. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital. He was then officially pronounced dead.
On the upside to this, at least he appeared to be rising upwards, and not going in the other direction. Some believe that the figure may have been an angel of sorts hovering down to bring the man up.
In any event, extremely spooky!
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