Nurse Installs A Camera In This Baby’s Incubator – Parents Can’t Believe What They’re Seeing


The University of Kansas Hospital installed their Angel Eye system, taking concerned parents inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), any time they want. Angel Eye aims to help parents who are unable to be with their newborns by letting them watch over them.

Angel Eye is comprised of twenty-one cameras placed at various points throughout KU’s NICU to provide optimal views of a parent’s newborn. Parents are able to access a live feed of their children through their smartphones or tablets. Any concerned parent would be grateful for this technology at a critical point such as this. “It gives the families the ability to see their baby any time and gives them that reassurance at night when they’re sleeping, when they wake up and are able to see them, and know they’re okay,” said Laurie Hay, a NICU nurse at KU. It was made possible in part because of Royal Charities’ generous $73,000 grant.

Sam Last was stationed in Kuwait when his daughter, Charlie, was born six weeks premature. She was sent to the NICU for treatment and observation. Naturally, Last would have loved to be there at her side but was 7,000 miles away, unable to leave immediately. The Angel Eye system allowed him to be as close to her as was humanly possible. Because of Angel Eye, he was able to conveniently access a live feed to keep watch over her, lessening his anxiety over his daughter’s well being. He said, “”It’s hard to believe that I’m looking at my daughter seven thousand miles away in Kuwait, just watching her moving.”


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