Police Ask Facebook To Find Ruthless Robber Who Attacked Pregnant Woman. Do You Know This Man?


A ruthless robber got more than he bargained for when he entered a gas station in Ohio this week, not only did he get attacked, but his face has now gone viral on social media.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when the alleged robber entered a Sunoco gas station store in Toledo, Ohio. When he first entered, he asked the cashier to check an ATM slip but as she opened the cash register, he tried to reach over and grab the tray in the till.


At this point, the video footage from the CCTV shows a female store manager and a male employee trying to stop the suspect, as they feared he may harm the pregnant cashier behind the counter.

According to information from the police, the male employee said the suspect actually bit him at one point.

The heroic staff managed to get the robber onto the ground when the store manager grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and began striking him on the back.


After severe strikes from the fire extinguisher, the suspect was somehow able to escape, and he ran of the store with about in cash from the register, police said.

Toledo police took to social media in a plea for help,  asking the public if they can identify the criminal responsible for this shocking crime.

The footage is crystal clear and when you watch it you won’t believe your eyes. It really is unbelievable, you need to see this.