Police Make a Horrifying Discovery About How Man’s Son Died When They Search the Barn…

A man who normally gets people out of jail is now facing a number of very serious charges himself after Kansas police responded to a call that he had attacked and fired a gun at his wife, KCTV reports.

However bad the officers expected the scene to be, however, likely fell short when investigators made a “sickening” discovery – one alarming enough to warrant an incredibly high $10 million bond.


The domestic violence call on 44-year-old Michael Jones – who is affiliated with a bail bonding company – took a disturbing turn when responding officers receiveda tip to search Jones’s property for “the decomposed body of a missing 7-year-old boy” — said to be Jones’s son.

The following day, human remains were discovered in a barn on the property, which a police source says is believed to be “the result of the child being fed to pigs after being beaten to death.”

Former babysitters – who cared for the 8 children that lived on the property – have called the home “horrible” and “filthy,” and describe “dried food all over the house.”


The women add that pigs were purchased and brought to the home in September, around the time Jones is suspected to have killed his son.

Thus far, Jones has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery, and child abuse – which has been upgraded to “torturing or cruelly beating” a child.

The other 7 children have been taken into protective custody, with one of the former babysitters pointing out that “for all those girls to have to witness what their brother went through…is horrible.”


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