Police Officer That Threatened To Plant Evidence On Teen Put On Suspension, Not Fired

Like everyone else, police officers have to watch what they say on the job.

That information can also be used in a court of law, and in some cases, cops get themselves into water so hot they ultimately lose their jobs. Detective Greg Bigda from Springfield, Massachusetts, for example, was suspended for 60 days without pay by the Springfield Police Commissioner after he threatened the lives of two teenage suspects during an interrogation.

The teens in question were believed to have stolen an undercover cop car from a pizza shop parking lot.


Video footage of the investigation shows Bigda threatening to crush one teen’s skull as well as plant a kilogram of cocaine in the suspect’s pocket. The release of the footage has brought Bigda’s credibility under fire in court.


Once the officer’s suspension is up, however, he will return to work and perform administrative duties.


Some civilians in Springfield, including Councilman Justin Hurst, believe that Bigda’s punishment was much more lenient than it should have been. Hurst stated, “I think we have to ask when it comes to this case, at what point [does the] the Commissioner feel a cop should be terminated?”

Since the incident, at least two cases which called upon Bigda as a prosecution witness have been dismissed.


The case involving the two teens is still under investigation, while the footage of Bigda’s investigation has been sealed to protect the identities of the juveniles involved.


Police officers are under a lot of pressure, but threatening someone’s life or even hinting at framing that person isn’t okay. The vast majority of law enforcement officers would obviously agree.

Although there’s some bad news floating around out there about cops, there’s plenty of good. For footage of police officers being overall amazing human beings, check this out!


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