Pour A Can Of Diet Dr. Pepper Into Your Slow Cooker For Beef That Falls Apart


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Although sodas and diet sodas get a lot of flack for sugar content and their overall lack of healthiness, like all things, consumption can be okay in moderation. However, instead of drinking soda, you can use a can of Diet Dr. Pepper to flavor a meat rather than drinking it as is.

Anna from Anna’s Kitchen uses a can of the popular diet soda to cook a beef roast that’s rich in flavor and incredibly tender, moist and juicy. In addition to a few spices, the Diet Dr. Pepper is the highlight of their beef roast’s flavoring.1


Using a whole beef roast, you can put the entire thing into your slow cooker. There’s no need to trim off all the fat. It will actually melt off.2


Anna flavored her roast with basic salt, pepper, minced garlic and worcestershire sauce. Here, you can use any combination of spices you’d want. Onions and carrots could be added as sides or you could keep it plain with a little garlic salt.3


Lastly, add the can of Diet Dr. Pepper. You can substitute another soda, but Anna’s Kitchen specializes in lower carb meals and the use of diet soda is more based on preference. Pour the whole can in and give it a little time to let the carbonation fizzle out.4


Cover the beef and let it cook on low for about six hours or so.5


When it’s done, it should be tender enough to slice through the entire thing like butter with a knife.


Shred a little bit off and serve it alongside some pumpkin, turnips and carrots as Anna did here or serve it alongside some rice and broccoli as well!

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