Security Cameras Recorded THIS Once A Girl Started To Die. Doctors Are Left Dumbfounded..


Chelsea, 14-years-old, came down with an extremely bad case of pneumonia and was taken to the hospital by her mother Colleen.

She knew this was not looking good as her daughter has had many medical problems in the past. Doctors did not seem hopeful about the outcome either. Chelsea, it seemed, was going to die. Her big sister took one last photo of Chelsea, and the family said their tearful goodbyes as she drifted off. Then something incredible happened. How Chelsea woke up is totally unexplainable. The doctors were shocked. The family was stunned. Chelsea woke up and asked for her mother.

A hospital employee had seen something on the security camera. When they reviewed it with the family, everyone was shocked once again. What appears to be an angel is present outside of Chelsea’s door. With the unexplainable turn around in her condition, one that doctors were sure would not occur, this angel may be the real explanation for her turnaround. Chelsea still suffers from medical difficulties, but she made a full recovery from her condition that night.