Servers Write Inappropriate Comments On Receipt And Forget To Delete Them

Back in the old days, servers would just talk smack about customers behind closed doors in the kitchen. Now with these fancy-schmancy computer systems for keeping track of checks, the line between back of house and front of house is dangerously thin.

More and more often we hear stories about nasty notes on checks going both ways. This one is totally the servers’ fault.

The restaurant in question is in Arlington, Virginia, and the incident was described in the “Going Out Guide” of “The Washington Post.” Four customers went in to Peter Chang’s, a restaurant started by a former Chinese embassy chef.

There was some back and forth about the first dish the party was served.

It came in one big bowl, one of the customers who had lived in China asked about that and said that it’s served in individual portions in China, but they were fine with the presentation.11

At the end of the meal when the group asked to split the bill, the server made a sarcastic remark about “how they do it in China.” The real shock came when they saw the bill. There were two notes typed onto the receipt at the bottom. One said, “I’m a plad a******” – they were all wearing plaid shirts. The other said, “I have a small *****12

We are guessing that this customer came off as being something of a know-it-all, explaining to the server the way they do it in China. That’s okay, servers get that all the time. If you can’t brush off a little attitude from your customers you’re in the wrong business. That server may be in the wrong business. 13

Nothing justifies a snarky comment from a server, and calling them offensive names, especially in writing, is inexcusable. Luckily, the owner stepped up and issued a stern response and fired the manager and the waiter and waitress on duty.14



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