She Always Keeps Epsom Salt Around The House. Here Are 15 Ways It Can Improve Your Life

Magnesium sulfate otherwise known as “Epsom salt” is an inorganic compound made of magnesium, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. The properties of Epsom salt are quite fascinating, first and foremost it being highly-soluble (i.e it “mixes in” seamlessly into water), and is actually the substance in the ocean that blocks sound, which has made it much used in isolation therapy as it additionally changes the gravity of the water making you more buoyant!


I will refrain from making a “Stranger Things” reference here. However, Epsom salt doesn’t just have to be for hospitals and laboratories, there are many ways you can use Epsom salt around your home! Here are 15 of those uses!

1) Speaking of Baths– Add atleast 1 cup of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes! Often used as a component of bath salts and “bath bombs”, Epsom salt can give you that nice tingly feeling!

2) Body Aches- Another bath, this time you go up to at least 2 cups, the magnesium ions easily soak into your skin which reduces the effect of adrenaline and promotes the production of serotonin.

3) Water House Plants-add a few tablespoons of Epsom salt to a spray bottle and moisten the surfaces of your houseplants to enrich the soil!

4) Soak your feet– Got a bowl or bucket? Make a mini soak for your feet by adding a cup of Epsom salt to it and soaking your feet 20 minutes!




5) Get rid of slugs-Are you done with seeing slugs leave slime trails all over your patio? Sprinkle some Epsom salt around and the slugs will not want to return!

6 Laxitive- Although I’d recommend checking with a doctor first you can dissolve some Epsom salt into a glass of water to use as a laxative if need be.

7) For Itchy skin/bug bites– Experience some relief by formulating a spray water bottle with some Epsom salt in it, just like you did for the potted plants, and spray on your irritated skin!

8) Minor sun burns– Just like you did to relieve itchy skin the same can be done with minor sunburned skin, however Epsom salt doesn’t increase your skin cell turnover rate so it won’t make the burn go away.




9 Nourish roses– a tablespoon around a rose bush once a week will help it to grow faster as you boost the magnesium levels of the soil!

10) Increase hair volume-Are the 80’s coming back? Why not! Besides who doesn’t love luscious hair, simply combine equal parts Epsom salt with your conditioner and leave on your hair for 20 minutes before rinsing It out!

11) Tile/Grout– Equal parts dish soap and Epsom salt will help you to clean out those hard to get places, remember magnesium sulfate loves to fizzle so suds the grime in grout away!

12) Prep your soil– Into gardening? Mix a few bags of Epsom salt into the soil you’ll use to begin to increase fertility.

13) For a child’s bath-Make a relaxing bath for your child with a cup of Epsom salt. Gentle on youth’s bodies, this just might be the trick to send them off to a good nights sleep!




14) Smooth Skin Scrub– ½ cup Epsom salt, ¼ cup olive oil, and scrub away in the shower for smoother skin!

15) First aid compress– Make a compress by dissolving 2 cups Epsom salt in hot water and using a towel to soak the area you might have received a sports injury to reduce swelling.

Epsom salt is available online and at many local pharmacies and grocery stores!  Check out the video below for a DIY Epsom salt body scrub that’s a bit fancier! Enjoy!

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