She Strings Christmas Bulbs Onto A Hanger – Just Wait Until You See The End Result!

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, many of us are busy decorating our houses to match the festive mood. One of the most common decorations is hanging a holiday wreath. However, this is not always the most cost efficient.

Fortunately, YouTube channel AJ’s Craft Room has an awesome DIY video for you that will teach you how to create your own gorgeous wreath using just a few dollars.

To make one of these wreaths, you need a few supplies. These can all be bought at a discount store such as Walmart or your local dollar store. You will need around 50-80 ornament bulbs, a wire hanger, and a large ribbon. Be sure to buy the ones that are “unbreakable.”

First, form a circle from the wire hanger. Then, unhook the metal wire so you can thread the ornaments through. Place your bulbs in whatever pattern you please, but AJ recommends that you use different sizes and colors. Once you’ve finished, simply hook the wire again, and you’re done!

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