She Tells The Magician Her Parents Are Deployed Overseas – Wait Until You See His Next Trick!


Julia and Brian Woodburn are a happily married couple, and they are both serving active duty in the U.S. Army. They had been deployed for quite a while, and for their homecoming, they wanted to surprise their beloved daughter in epic fashion. To do this, they requested that Gilbert Jr. High School host a wonderful magic show for one very special reason –  to surprise their daughter.

The auditorium filled with students and their families as everyone gathered to see the magic show. The Woodburns’ daughter was one of the familiar faces in the crowd. When the magician asked for her assistance for the next trick, the little girl walked down to center stage, proudly wearing an army jacket. The magician then kneels and asks the girl where her parents are. She shyly responds that they aren’t here, and she agrees to watch the magician’s next trick.

But she’s in the for quite the surprise as she has no clue that Mom and Dad are waiting to see her. The magician then unveils where Mommy is hiding, and she immediately rushes to embrace her precious daughter. Dad then jumps out from the mascot suit and joins in. It’s a beautiful moment!
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