She Wants To Know Her Baby’s Sex But What The Doctor Sees Is Shocking…

Keri McCartney from Texas, US is in her 23rd week of pregnancy. With her husband Chad and their 4 children they go in for an ultrasound, so that they can all learn the sex of the baby together. But what the ultrasound revealed threw the happy family’s future into the abyss.


A huge tumour the size of a grapefruit was attached to the unborn child. The tumour is filled with blood vessels and is therefore robbing the baby of blood. It threatens to literally suck the life out of the little one.The doctors have never seen anything like it: such a case effects one in 40000 births. The Texas Children’s Fetal Center offers devastated parents a risky operation prior to birth, in the womb. The chance of the baby’s survival is under 10% – but it’s their only hope. 


The surgical team cut open Keri’s stomach and pulled the entire uterus out. They pulled about 80% of the baby out without disturbing the placenta, leaving the head of the baby still inside the mother’s womb. “We didn’t pull the baby completely out of the mother, that way the uterus doesn’t think that the pregnancy is over and try to begin the birth”, explained Dr. Olutoye. The tumour was from the the child in an operation that took hours and the baby returned to the mother’s stomach.


What you can see next to the tiny foot of the baby, is the enormous, life threatening cancer!


The parents’ hopes were fulfilled: after the baby had already come ‘half-way’ into the world, Keri carried out her pregnancy for another 10 weeks. And then was the tiny Macie Hope finally born – or perhaps born again, but this time healthy.


A large scar on Macie’s back is a reminder of the ordeal, aber other than that she’s developed magnificently. Her parents, Keri and Chad McCartney couldn’t be happier with their daughter, who by the time she came into the world, had already had her 2nd birthday.


The McCarthy’s were lucky in their misfortune: thanks to the dedication of doctors, they can finally hold their healthy daughter in their arms – after she’s already been born twice!

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