Starbucks Customers Are Giving Fake Names On Their Orders So That The Baristas Have To Shout Out This Important Message!

The Black Lives Matter campaign has been going strong for quite some time now, but there are still some people out there who can’t seem to get behind it. When it comes down to it, it’s important to recognize the true meaning of this campaign. That’s why many people have started to get creative when it comes to getting their message across.

Recently, people have started doing something very interesting when it comes to ordering their drinks at Starbucks.



If you already have the Starbucks app, you will know all about how it works. When you enter your order, you can actually put whatever name you like.

Then, when you get to the counter, the barista will call out your name so that you know which drink is yours. Simple, right? But what if you didn’t give the right name at all? Just think of all the things you could make people say. Well, that’s just what some people are doing.

In fact, many customers have started leaving their names off the orders altogether. Instead, they have opted to send out a really simple message to the barista and everyone in the cafe. Rather than putting their name in on the app, they have been writing ‘Black lives matter.’

That means that once their drink is done, the barista has to shout out these three very important words in a cafe full of people. It’s really kind of clever, right?


The response to this trend on social media has been seriously wild. It seems that people love the idea of spreading such a crucial message through the medium of coffee.

It all started when one Facebook user, Lex Cross, decided to do it at a local Starbucks. Once he shared the idea with his followers and friends on Facebook, it really took off. Before anyone could catch their breath, it seemed that most Starbucks customers were following the trend. Well, this is a truly original way to get a serious message out there.


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