STRANGE Red Cord Appears At Disneyland, But See The Note At The Bottom? Wait Till You Read It – OMG!

Emily Gibby is a cast member at Fantasyland, Disneyland. She is also an extraordinary woman who ill go above and beyond to make her customers happy. When she saw that there was a discarded red lanyard lying on the floor of the park, she was totally intrigued. What drew her in was not the fact that someone had left this behind, but the little note they had attached to it.

While people lose things at attraction parks all the time, there was something totally different about this. The small note attached to the lanyard explained all.1


When she picked up the note and lanyard to inspect it further, she just couldn’t believe what she was reading. It was a note from a child; a child who had just one wish.

The note might have been short, but it made a BIG impact on Emily. It read: “Hello! I am autistic, and I don’t talk much, but I would like to trade for Mickey pins!”2


She quickly realized that the child must have been at the park for the pin release, which is why new special edition pins get brought out. The likelihood was that he or she had wanted to get their hands on one of these (above) pins for their collection. When Emily looked closely at the lanyard, she could see that the mystery owner only had four pins on it.3


She filled the entire thing with brand new pins for the owner! “So we did what any Cast Member would naturally do. We filled up his lanyard with Mickey pins and got him a Mickey medallion as well! But now we need everyone’s help in finding him/her!! Share this post and help us find our friend! Be on the lookout! Multiple lines of business have already been contacted and informed that we have this lanyard at Pin Traders for him/her! Let’s work some magic and try to find our friend!!” she later wrote in a note on Facebook.4


While the post was shared more than  1,500 times, the owner still has not come forward. But Emily’s not about to stop there – she plans to keep on searching until she finds them – all so that she can give them the lanyard. She is also asking anyone who knows anything about it, to contact Lost and Found on (714) 817-2166. She is also continuing to raise awareness for autism!

Watch this autism awareness video:


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