Strangers Find An Old Woman Burying Her Husband

Speaking up in uncomfortable situations can be difficult to do, especially if the person that you have to confront is an adorable old woman. How can you interrogate someone’s sweet grandmother? It just doesn’t happen. In our eyes, they’re always innocent and should be treated with the utmost respect, even in dubious situations.

This hilarious prank may have permanently changed our perspective about the innocuous behavior of old women. Passersby were tricked into assisting a helpless woman with her gardening, but what they saw was completely shocking. Wait until you watch this video.

What appeared to show a woman tending to her garden quickly became morbid. As the unsuspecting assistants pushed the wheelbarrow closer to the pile of dirt, they immediately noticed a pair of legs poking out from beneath the gravel. We’re certain that a million questions raced through the person’s head. “What is she doing?” “Is that a body?” “Wait, what?” It’s hard to overlook someone burying a body regardless of how cute the person may be.

That expressions of the helpers were priceless. They literally didn’t know what to think or do. Why would a woman be burying a body in the middle of the afternoon? The situation didn’t make any logical sense. No matter how you would try to spin the scenario, things just wouldn’t add up. We weren’t the least bit surprised that none of the witnesses intervened with her digging efforts. We were all raised to respect our elders, so what could be done?

Using an older woman as the lead role for this prank was absolutely genius. No one would have ever suspected that the little woman was up to no good. What did you think of this video? What would you have done if you saw someone burying a body on a beautiful afternoon?



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