Subway Employee Traps Child Inside Store As Friends Try To Smash Him Free


This is a pretty harrowing video. The child in this clip allegedly tried to steal a packet of crisps from a subway store in Wembley, North West London. The situation quickly escalated when the man behind the counter took drastic action and locked him inside the shop.

The boys friends took exception to this and started to try and batter down the door. The child inside becomes increasingly distressed and tries to escape, but the worker wrestles him to the floor.

Take a look:

We don’t know what happened next apart from the fact that the Met Police got involved and are currently investigating.

The Subway Worker definitely took this way too far. He could of released the child then called the police, there was no need to take him hostage. One things for certain though, these kids will think twice before stealing from Subway again! Every cloud.

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