Super Protective Mum DEMANDS All Candy Be Allergen-Free For Her Son.


This mom decides to make it her mission to campaign for allergy-friendly candy this year for Halloween for her child.  She says that she’s tired of him being excluded just because he has allergies and she wants everyone in the neighborhood to change their ways in order to accommodate her child’s needs.  She wants him to experience the pleasure of Halloween although he’s never been able to.

She’s hoping to get everyone on board so that she can make this happen for her child. She made fliers and posted them throughout the neighborhood.

Attention Parents:


The list contains so many things that you begin to feel sorry for the kid until you realize that this mom is expecting everyone to adhere to these strict dietary demands. However, it’s not a bad thing to be aware of these conditions concerning the kids in your neighborhood.

Not everyone is allowed complete freedom of choices when it comes to food.  It’s only polite that if you are offering it, you first ask if they are allowed to have it and if not, offer some alternatives.  Especially if we all engage in this exchange only this one time of the year.

What?! Carrot sticks?! NO!!!


I suppose that asking everyone to change their ways is one thing but expecting or demanding them to is completely different.  People are going to do what they want to do.  Hopefully, they will be more compassionate towards your child and any other child with these, specific needs.  However, it’s clear that many are still going to engage in the sugar infested Halloween just as they always have without any regards to anyone else who can’t participate.

That’s sad. I’ll create some alternatives for the kids that can’t have the good stuff. It’s not that hard to do.