Teacher Arrested for Having S*x with Teenaged Students —Where It Happened is Even More Sickening

A math teacher from Austin, Texas, has been arrested for sexual assault charges after an investigation uncovered she’d had inappropriate relations with two teenage students.

But the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the story have been turning heads. And stomachs, for that matter.

According to reports, 28-year-old Haeli Wey seduced one of her victims during a student ministry program this past June. She even accompanied the young man and his family to Africa over the summer.

Wey supposedly had sex with the victim “approximately 10 times” in the months of August and September.Screen-Shot-2015-12-18-at-12.37.22-PM

However, the young man is said to have broken off ties with Wey after she shifted her attention to another student, and according to an affidavit, kissed the second victim “in a hammock.”

This past October, the Eanes Independent School District investigated allegations over inappropriate communication between Wey and her two victims, and the troubling facts of the case unravelled from there.

Tom Leonard, a rep from the school district, sent a letter to parents, which read, in part:

I want to reinforce that this behavior is not tolerated in Eanes ISD. Inappropriate communication and relationships involving teachers and students is unacceptable and, as in this case, against the law. We trust that the justice system, with our continued cooperation, will reinforce this message.

Due to the nature of this situation, our counseling staff at all campuses is ready to provide support to students. While this may be primarily a secondary school issue, we have an obligation to support students district-wide through what may be an intense and uncomfortable legal process.

Wey was charged with two counts of conducting an improper relationship between a teacher and a student. If convicted of the second degree felony, she could face up to 20 years in prison.


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