Teen is Brutally Attacked at Gunpoint by a Man and Then Gets the Most Disturbing Facebook Request


A man who was once responsible for the care of teenage boys is now being charged with sexually assaulting one— a crime he might have gotten away with if he hadn’t tried to “friend” his victim on Facebook.

As Fox 6 News reports, police had been stumped while trying to find the man who attacked a teenage boy in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. The boy had been walking home when he was approached by a man with a gun, who then dragged him behind some bushes. The boy kept trying to get the assailant to take his phone, though the the man refused, saying, “I don’t want your phone.” The man then sexually assaulted the boy and left.

For weeks, police were stumped, unable to identify the stranger who attacked the teen. Then, the case broke in a very unexpected way.

The teenager received a Facebook invitation from someone who looked just like the man who had assaulted him.

That man was 37-year-old Jermarro Dantzler. According to state records, Dantzler had run a group home for at-risk boys in Milwaukee. The home was reportedly shut down over the summer when a 14-year-old boy took his own life on the property.

The Wisconsin Crime Lab has examined Dantzler’s DNA and found a connection to the crime. However, Dantzler’s attorney stressed that his client should be considered innocent until convicted by a jury.

According to CBS 58 News, police are now urging Dantzler’s other victims to come forward and get help. After CBS 58 reported on the story, the station was contacted by multiple people who claimed to have been assaulted by Dantzler. Authorities have set up a special hotline and are asking anyone affected by Jermarro Danztler to call 1-800-THE-LOST or give a tip online at missingkids.org.

“We need to make sure everyone is safe, make sure these people are brought to justice accordingly,” Lt. Lisa Kumbier of the Brown Deer Police told CBS 58. “We don’t know where they may be so it’s very important to get this message out to potential victims to let them know who they can call and reach out to talk to.”
Dantzler himself is no longer behind bars— a fact that makes his neighbors very unhappy. He was able to post $5000 bail and was released from jail this week.