Teen Killed In Shoot Out After Eating Half Of Store Clerk’s Face In Zombie-Like Attack


A Westerville, Ohio 7-11 store clerk is in critical condition fighting for her life after 40% of her face was chewed off by two teenagers claiming they were “zombies.” The attack happened on Tuesday as 18-year-old Shania Gills and 19-year-old Henry Laurel entered the store demanding money and cigarettes from the clerk.


According to the witnesses that were in the store at the time of the attempted robbery, 38-year-old Marsha Reagan who was behind the counter, handed over several packs of cigarettes. Gills and Laurel proceeded to bite into the boxes of cigarettes with their “razor-sharp teeth” eating the tobacco and growling. Reagan handed over the money from the cash register, that’s when Laurel grabbed her by the arm and flung her over-the-counter onto the floor.

“They held her down and began eating her face,” said Rob Mathis, a regular customer at the 7-Eleven. “I will never forget the screams of Marsha. It will haunt my dreams forever. They ripped off her nose, there was blood everywhere.” That’s when a man, armed with a gun, drew on the attackers and they fled the scene. Police caught up with them approximately 2 miles from the crime scene. The arrest was caught on police dash cam shown in the video below. Laurel was shot by the officer and died at the scene. Gills was taken into police custody, where she remains in jail with no bond.



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