Teen Texts Friends That She’s Kidnapped. There’s Something Majorly Wrong with Where They Find Her.

Since its inception in 1996, Amber Alerts have saved the lives of 758 children.

And while Amber Alerts have proven themselves to be helpful and affective in the result of a child abduction, there have been cases of false alerts.

Since January 1, 2013, Amber Alerts have reached millions of cell phone users all over country. As was the case this weekend in Orlando, Florida.


According to WFTV, 14-year-old Jordan Turner, went missing after leaving her church on Saturday afternoon. Authorities say Jordan sent texts to three different people making the claim she was grabbed by two men.

“Some dude grabbed me from from the church,” one text messagereads. “I’m safe. I’m trapped in a car.”

Jordan even described the two alleged kidnappers as “black or Hispanic men”, what they were wearing, the type of car she was in, and claimed to be stopped “in front of a junky house”.


According to the Amber Alert website, authorities need to check of a list of requirements before an alert can be sent out.

— Law enforcement must first confirm the abduction.

— The child is at risk of injury or death.

— Authorities must have a sufficient description of the child, the captor, and the captor’s vehicle.

— The child may not be older than 17 years of age.

— It is recommended that the Amber Alert data be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.

Jordan’s case met all of the above requirements and an Amber Alert was sent out to every transportation center, television station, and cell phone user in the surrounding area.

However, later that night Jordan was spotted walking near her house, and she later admitted to the police that she made the whole thing up.

And because Jordan never called the police herself, no charges will be brought against her or those who believed her claims to be legitimate.

“It’s takes valuable resources away from perhaps other people in the city where crimes are happening,” Michelle Guido of the Orlando Police Department says.

Authorities hope Jordan learned a lesson from all of this and that other people don’t make the same mistake.


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