Teenager Taking Hormones To Become A Man Gets JAW-DROPPING News Two Months Into Transition

A teenager who began hormone treatments to become a man has given birth to a baby girl after discovering he was pregnant just two months into the transition.

19-year-old Henry Steinn had just started transitioning when he and his boyfriend, Thorir Leo Petursson, learned they were expecting.

Because of the surprise pregnancy, Henry had to put his hormone therapy on hold, but he still plans to continue the transition as soon as he stops breastfeeding.

Throughout the pregnancy, Henry tried to remain true to his identity, opting for baggy pants and loose men’s T-shirts over maternity dresses and tunics.

“It’s a good thing my boyfriend is bigger than me so I just borrowed his clothes,” he said, The Daily Mail reported. “I did wear pregnancy trousers although I found their cut a bit too feminine for my taste, but I never wore those pregnancy dresses or tunicas.”

As for their baby’s upbringing, Henry and Thorir say they plan on raising her “gender unspecific” for the first few years, until she’s old enough to decide what she wants.

“When the child starts making obvious choices about what she wants to wear, she will be free to choose where she wants to go,” Henry said.


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