Teenager’s Search For His Biological Father Goes Viral On Facebook

Whether it’s a result of adoption or another family situation entirely, it’s not unnatural for people to want to meet their biological family members, especially when it comes to knowing one’s parents. The curiosity to get to know the one’s you share your DNA with, even if they had not been in your life up until that point, is something that exists in nearly every person who does not know one of their birth parents.

No matter how great of a life they may have led with the family they were raised by, that curiosity to meet the person you are related to is often something that cannot be satiated without action.

This is the case for 18 year old Jette Collins, who is searching for the man who is his biological father. His mother met a man a New York music festival in 1996, and 9 months later she had Jette, and never interacted with the man again. Now, Jette wants nothing more than to meet this birth father, purely to have the chance to know who he is.


“I am looking for a man named Jason, who lived in Syracuse, New York, in 1996. He went to the first K-rockathon in 1996 & met a woman named Diana Collins, I am the product of that night. I am not asking for anything. Just would like to meet my biological father.”



The more that this photo and Jette’s story is shared, the more it circulates, and eventually someone will have some information that may point him in the right direction.


As of Monday morning, the post has been shared nearly 13,000 times!


Through the power of social media, we hope that Jette and his father can be united!



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