Telemarketer is alarmed over what he hears when woman answers, calls 911

A Mentor, Ohio, woman named Sheila Martin is telling others that she won’t ever hang up on a telemarketer again. On Nov. 24, 2015, Martin, who has long suffered from asthma, received a call from Kyle Madison, an employee at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, as reported by Fox8.

It just so happened that Martin was experiencing a particularly bad asthma attack the day that Madison called her. Fox8 explains that after she answered the phone she grew unresponsive to Madison’s questions. Alarmed over Martin’s lack of response, he decided to phone the police and have them check on the woman.


Martin told Fox8, “911 came and they took me to the hospital, where I spent Thanksgiving and four days, but thank goodness he did call somebody because I would have possibly passed out, and then I would have had to wait until later that evening for someone to even find me.”

Martin also explained that the reason her asthma attack had progressed so badly was because she thought she could stop it herself. In a video interview with Fox8, the woman confesses that she’s not the best with her inhaler.67c3f3e9db3a5d8f398bcd3bf00f9c7f
Moved and incredibly grateful for Madison’s actions that day, Martin called him once she had recovered from the attack and thanked him for what he’d done.
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