The Game Just Admitted To Murdering Someone Live On The Radio, Studio Was Completely Shocked

Mystery has always surrounded that day back in 2011, when The Game is rumoured to have had his arse beat in a Los Angeles mall. Public aggression and the occasional scuffle is nothing new in his line of work, but this time shit got serious, and it was even worse as The Game had his young son with him.

Just 40 days later, the man responsible for the beating was found murdered.

While Game always denied the allegations that he was knocked out, yesterday on The Breakfast Club, he spoke out on the incident, saying that he was indeed approached by a man and they had words. While he denied the knock out, he said something that had the hosts and all of us shocked.

He drops the bombshell at around 29:35

But watch, this time he went beyond a denial. Game reveals the guy died — just over a month later — and then says, “If you approach me with my kids then … 40 days.” The stunned reaction in studio says it all. Question is … why would Game say this if he really was involved?

The Compton rapper is rarely far from a fight, just the other week he was involved in fisticuffs with his long term nemesis, Stitches. And Stitches ended up out cold.



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