They Thought He Was Just Dusting Off Home Plate, But The Truth Was So Much Sweeter

When this little boy’s dad, Master Sgt. R. Brock, wanted to come home and surprise his children, he thought long and hard about how he’d do it.

Would he walk through the front door and catch them off guard? Would he sneak into their classrooms between math lessons? There were so many ways he could’ve gone about it, but in the end, he chose the cutest one.

When his little guy stepped up to home plate during his baseball game, the umpire started dusting it off. The batter didn’t know what to think when the ump stopped right in front of him…until the mask came off.

It’s clear that everyone at this game was proud of their friend’s brave service. What’s even clearer is that this tiny athlete and his sister were just happy that Dad was finally home!



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