They Told Him His Older Brother Was In The Hospital. Now Watch What He Does… Whoa!


Anthony Bishop has proven that he would do anything for his older brother, Max.

In 2007, Max was diagnosed with a severe condition, Aplastic Anemia. The rare blood disorder most commonly affects Eastern Asian countries; only about 600 to 900 people getting diagnosed annually in the United States, according to statistics.

Luckily, Max’s little brother was a perfect match and successfully donated his bone marrow. This isn’t very common since about “70 percent of patients in need of a transplant do not have a matching donor in their family,” according to Be The Match. Many people rely on strangers, such as Debbie Brown when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. That was also the case when Matt DiMario gave his bone marrow to a young boy fighting the blood cancer HLH.

Seven years later, however, Max needed another bone marrow transplant. Anthony volunteered to save his life again without any hesitation.

“It felt good because he was always there for me,” Anthony told Cincinnati’s WLWT.

Max, who has to be in isolation for several months to protect his immune system, is thankful.

“It makes you feel grateful again, honestly, because not many people have a match like that and he’s my little brother,” he said.