This Boy Was Found Dead In His Closet By His Father After Playing THIS Weird Game…

A 13-year-old from Colorado recently died in strange circumstances. According to his family, Memphis Burgess died on December 10 after choking himself trying to experience a brief high. 1

According to his father, Brad Burgess, Memphis was found dead in his closet, with a rope right next to him.


And his dad actually thought he was pretending to be dead: “I went into his closet and I found him leaning up against the wall on his knees. I thought he was messing with me and I shook his shoulder. That’s when he turned around I noticed he was all blue and not breathing.”


Some kids play this game trying to experience the dizziness and euphoria by cutting the flow of oxygen to their brain. Those effects are caused by a change in the pH balance of the blood. But that mechanism can also lead to permanent brain damage, stroke, or death.


And his parents never thought he would be taking part in such a game. But according to Memphis’ special needs teacher, it was a trend among teenagers at his school.


According to Memphis’ mother, Annette Burgess, the teacher also told her that the Memphis probably didn’t know about the dangerous effects of this game since he had a cognitive delay.



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