This Clever Pee Cape Will Make Sure Nobody Ever Sees You Weeing Again

1As a man, one of the things that annoys me most in this world is people trying to talk to me while I’m peeing. It’s a unnecessary social nicety that has somehow invaded toilets all over the land, and I’ve got no idea how it got there. Let us be honest for a second, peeing in public is not a pleasurable experience, nor is it a social one.

There is nothing wrong with being shy and retiring at the urinal. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that I actvively encourage it. Thankfully British bathroom retailer Plumbworld has just the product to suit people like myself: The Privi Pee cape.3

Don’t be put off by the appearance of it, The Privi Pee cape is all about functionality. A pretty conspicuous long black cape (which suction cups to the wall, that’s a key feature), it stops people checking out your lovely perfectly proportioned manhood while you wee. Also (and I’m not this is a design feature), wearing a black cape while you wee will probably stop people talking to you as well.4

Win win if you ask me.

Now time for the bad news… this product isn’t actually going to be manufactured. But while you dream about what might have been in regards to shielding your junk, maybe you should stick to peeing at home.

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