This cop said he needed time off to serve two weeks with the Army Reserve — what he really did will make you furious


Employers are required to cooperate with employee who serve their country in the military reserves or the National Guard. It’s something that Donald Chen was likely counting on — but he didn’t expect it to backfire on him the way it did.

Chen is an Army reservist. He was also serving as a police officer with the Stamford Police Department. In October, he requested two weeks off: he needed to go to training with the reserves, he said. So the department granted his time off, with pay. But instead of showing up to his training, he took his girlfriend on a two-week vacation to Hawaii. Unfortunately for Chen, the Army called his employer when he didn’t show up for training and could not be reached. So police then launched a missing persons investigation… only to find out that he was in Hawaii, living it up. When Chen was finally tracked down, he initially lied, saying he was in Taiwan for a family medical emergency. But eventually, he fessed up.

The police department suspended him without pay on December 11, and then a few days later on December 14, Chen resigned. He’s been charged with first-degree larceny, for defrauding a public community of about $2,000.

No word yet on whether or not the Hawaiian vacation was worth it.