This Is The Reason Your Jean Pockets Have Tiny Buttons On Them. I Never Knew This!

There’s one thing that all jeans have in common. Actually nine things: belt loops, a waistband, button, back yoke,coin pocket, front and back pockets, fly, and rivets.

How about those rivets? What are the purpose of these things? Most people dismiss them as just a part of the design or style of the jean.

But in fact there is a history to these rivets, and they do have a purpose!



It was the Gold Rush in 1848 when California gold was discovered. Miners wanted durable clothes that they could work and not worry about falling apart on the job.



The miners had been complaining about how quickly their pants were in fact wearing out. The pockets were usually the first to go as they ripped easily at the seams. Jacob Davis was a tailor from Reno,Nevada and a customer of Leob or Levi Strauss. He thought of using metal fasteners to hold the pockets together. Copper rivets he realized could help reinforce the points of stress that usually ended up tearing.

These rivets became popular in Reno and Davis realized he better patent this idea. But he didn’t have the funds for a patent. Davis wrote Strauss regarding his ordeal, while offering up a deal of his own. Strauss accepted and copper riveted jeans were then produced!



The patent for Davis’ invention was placed on May 20, 1873. He would go on to become Strauss’ production manager as well.

This is why jeans last as long as they do! Thanks for the rivets guys!


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