This Kid Woke Up From Surgery And Couldn’t Stop Talking Gangster

“And I was like, ‘Yo Rocco, you get that ass, man,’” is something you’d expect to hear out of the mouth of a college bro telling the story of how he just dropped a boatload of his parents’ cash at the local tit bar on his buddy’s 21st birthday.

But what makes it so funny and unexpected this time around is the fact that it comes from a young, red-haired boy who just woke up from surgery to repair his broken arm and is obviously still feeling the effects of whatever anesthetic the doctors had doped him up with.

With his mom (a.k.a. “Freaky Woman”) recording his first moments following the surgery, Brandon goes on a rant for the ages, one that includes “billions of strippers,” Dubai people up in his grill and of course, his “boy” named Rocco.

Unfortunately for Brandon, he’ll probably find out like the rest of us once the drugs wear off that his “hot-ass wife” really isn’t that attractive and his kids were likely fathered by somebody else.


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