This Prank Shows How Easily People Get Distracted By A Big Booty

You don’t even have to be a straight man in order to appreciate a good looking booty, at least, that’s what many people believe.

With that being said, how distracting is a generous butt to random people just passing by? That’s exactly what a couple YouTube pranksters set out to discover with help from a *very* bootyfull woman they sent out simply to walk around in some rather… revealing shorts. We’re not talking just any regular old pair of shorts either, these bad boys would put Jessica Simpson’s rendition of Daisy Duke to shame many times over!

All the woman does is walk along while minding her own business, flaunting what her momma gave her but not giving any other attention to those she passes by. Naturally more than a few heads are turned when she comes across, but you wouldn’t believe what some of these men do when she does!

So far this woman has managed to quite possibly ruin a relationship just by being attractive, which is something I can’t tell if she should be proud of or not since it’s not even her fault. Aside from that she gets her photo taken on more than one occasion, then one guy got a little too into it and even began rubbing or re-situating himself after getting turned on. Remember, if you’re out in public and you see something or someone that has that much of an effect on you, you should probably start looking into getting a little more romance in your life… With that being said, can you blame them?

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