This Woman Shot Her Husband And Confessed…Claiming the Bugs Bunny Defense….Would You Believe Her?

We’ve heard of some crazy reasons for accidentally killing someone before, but this one takes the cake. Linda Duffey is claiming she killed her husband by accident because she was role playing from their shared love of cartoons. Welcome to the Bugs Bunny Defense.

That’s right…Bugs Bunny as in “eh, what’s up doc?”

Duffy claims that her and her husband were doing their thing role playing, when she accidentally shot him dead. But unlike on cartoons, he didn’t get back up and continue playing the game. That was it! The end.

When police brought Duffey in for questioning, she admitted it straight up, but she

said it was accidental. The reason it was an accident is because in their role playing, the gun had “no buwwets” as Elmer Fudd would say. She was just playing the part of the cartoon character and thought there really were no bullets. That was kind of their thing she said.duffeyinterro461640640x360

Now that she admitted it…is she guilty or not? If this was on a TV show, people would think it was too fake…but truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

The investigators on the case are divided on whether she is guilty or not…this Bugs Bunny Defense has got them all wrapped up. What do you think? Watch the video below for more details then weigh in.

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