This Woman’s Boss HARASSED Her Until She Was Forced To Quit. But She Got The Last Laugh!

If you’ve ever worked for a ‘bad boss,’ you’ll know how truly stressful it can be. Workplace bullying is no laughing matter, but sadly it happens every single day. The point is that since your manager is in a position of power, they should treat you fairly and never harass you. Unfortunately, as one woman found out, that is not always the case.

 When she moved shift patterns in the call center where she worked, it turned out her new manager was what she liked to call an emotional vampire (EV).


She was constantly trying to suck her into her weird manipulative game, and when the woman wouldn’t play ball, she wanted her out… which meant that she did EVERYTHING she could to get her fired.

Luckily, this was the wrong girl to push around. She documented everything that happened to her at work, which just so happened to help her case when it came to leaving. And, as you’ll find out when you read the story she later posted on Reddit, her mean boss got JUST what she deserved a little later.

Here’s exactly what she wrote:

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Thankfully, the workplace bully is no longer around to make people’s work lives a living hell. This just goes to show that if you stick up for yourself, justice will come eventually. It’s also worth noting that if someone IS harassing you at work, keeping a record of what happens is an excellent first step. That way, you have actual evidence of an ongoing problem.

Now, watch how another inspirational lady quit her job in the funniest way:



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