Toddler Waves At Workers Everyday. Then Mom Sees This Outside Window And Gasps


4d3c1f793b9c56519e2cb1a40c8c7736A group of ironworkers made a hospitalized little girl’s day when they sent her a “get well soon” message. They spray painted the message onto a construction beam at a construction site that is near the hospital. Today reports that the ironworkers made sure the little girl noticed the message by waving frantically and gesturing towards the beam. When the little girl, Vivian Keith, 2, looked out of the window she saw the message.
Ginger Keith, Vivian’s mom, told her what it said and explained that the workers want Vivian to get better. Ginger Keith was so impressed with the kind gesture that she took pictures and sent the workers some pastries. “I thought it was amazing and the coolest thing ever,” she said to ABC News. “I just thought it was really sweet that they would take the time to do that. I know they are working really hard to get things going, but it was really cool what they did for all those kids and for her.” 82beda42a58cd4b77ab2bc608112f6b0


The ironworkers first took notice of Vivian, who has  acute lymphoblastic leukemia,  because she waved at them as they worked every day. Greg Combs, the worker who orchestrated the larger-than-life get-well-soon message, eventually got to meet Vivian and she thanked him in person. Combs said that he noticed Vivian making faces at him and waving one day while he was working and it made him and the other workers smile because it was such a sweet gesture.

Watch the video below for more on Vivian’s story.


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