Tom Hanks Put 6 Year Old Daughter In Beauty Pageant. Watch When The Camera Pans Out.


Tom Hanks is an extraordinarily talented man. In 2011, the beloved American actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to show the audience he’s not only a talented thespian, but he’s also a ruthless beauty pageant coach. Yep, you heard us right.

Kimmel plays a clip from his appearance on Toddlers & Tiaras, in which is shows what life is really like in the two days leading up to a children’s beauty pageant. Hanks has a 6-year-old daughter, Sophie, who desperately wants to take first place in the Nevada’s “Ultimate Sexy Baby” pageant, and Hanks is more than supportive of her dreams. Given the name of it I’m guessing most other dads wouldn’t always be as supportive as this famous actor.

Hanks teaches her how to talk, and even helps her apply a gigantic wig and overdone makeup! This is a side to Hanks that we have never got to see before – but don’t worry it’s all a big joke.

In fact, Sophie isn’t even his daughter, she’s an actress! This whole spoof is nothing short of hilarious! By the end of the whole thing, Jimmy Kimmel’s audience are dying of laughter, and you will be too.

There is a good reason this video has had over 12million views, you don’t want to miss it!

Try not to laugh along… I dare you!